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Nicole Zumpano's Google-Based Cheat Sheet helps teachers streamline their workflow.

7 Ways to Improve Workflow with Google

Jun 22, 2018 2018-06-22

Editor’s note: Originally posted on Nicole's blog, Technology in Education: Notes from the Closet, on March 14, 2018.

Lesson plans, assessments, progress monitoring, and scraped knees—teachers’ days are full! As educators, we look for ways to clarify information for our students to increase their understanding and efficiency. Sometimes we need the same.

Many districts utilize Google Apps for Education, which can be overwhelming. There is a myriad of applications available and plenty of tricks to help us navigate them to increase our workflow. Linked below is a cheat sheet of sorts that focuses on Google Drive, Google Docs, and advanced tips for other Google products. Each page contains an animated demonstration or screenshot, as well as the steps to create or complete each task. Topics featured include the following:

  • Google Drive Topics: creating new folders, adding files to a folder, moving existing files to a folder, uploading files to a folder, transferring folders between Google accounts, starred folders, and viewing activity and details on files.
  • Google Docs Topics: making docs view only (no print or download), embedding docs, setting an expiration date for file access, converting uploaded file formats, working offline, and transferring ownership of files.
  • Advanced Topics: creating multiple profiles on Chrome, "reply from" emails, using Who Has Access, adding emojis to Drive folders, Chrome extensions, and a bonus link to Google shortcuts.

Nicole M. Zumpano is a National Board Certified teacher and technology coach in a Chicago Public School. She is an adjunct instructor at National Louis, Dominican, and Michigan State Universities. Nicole is the immediate past president of Illinois Computing Educators, an ISTE affiliate. She would love to connect with you on Twitter @nmzumpano.

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