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2018 Wishes for Tech in Education

A New Year and a New Start—Wishes for 2018

Dec 22, 2017 2017-12-22

As the year winds down and the holiday season is upon us, life slows down a bit and provides time to review the past year and begin contemplating our plans for 2018. We asked some of our guest authors what they wish for in 2018 with regards to education technology—what are their expectations? What do they hope for in 2018? We hope you enjoy their glimpse of the not-too-far future.

Mike McGowan
Technology Director for Sunnybrook School District 171 in Lansing, Illinois

My wish for 2018 is…
for edtech to continually grow as rapidly as it did in 2017.

In 2017, we witnessed the rise of STEM-related products, a significant increase in coding, and many more edtech developments in schools. Looking ahead to 2018, I wish to see this progress grow even more. With startups looking to break into the edtech market, there are limitless possibilities as to what students will be able to do in their classrooms. Not too long ago, the idea of having coding robots for each student to program and learn with was just a dream, but that time is here now. With so many forward thinking people in education bringing the concepts of coding and robotics to the classroom, we have only seen the beginning of what edtech can do for students.

Over the course of the next year, I wish for a bigger push for coding in schools and the introduction of coding to minorities and female students. We need to work on fixing the gap in job placement and permanency in the technology workforce. I also wish to see tech companies continually pushing innovative products for students while lowering costs. We have seen great progress here, such as 3D printers available to schools for less than $500. We need this momentum to continue to ensure all students have opportunities to experience edtech tools before leaving the classroom.

Lastly, I hope to see more project-based learning in the classroom. In the real world, people are not sitting in rows working in silos to complete projects. The workforce is working in collaborative, global groups to complete tasks. We need to make sure we are preparing students for this work environment. As educators, it is our job to prepare them and through forward thinking in the classrooms in 2018 we can make huge strides in preparing students for the future.

Cara Hagen
Lead Education Technology Consultant for TIES

My wish for 2018 is…
for more people to recognize that technology isn't a luxury in education—it is a necessity.

I find myself at such a different place in time than so many of my friends, colleagues, and relatives. Too many of them seem to be living in the past, while I’m living in the present and looking confidently into the future. If I could have one wish for 2018, I’d want those living in the past to understand that the world has changed drastically and education needs to as well.

Mobile technology is a gift to education rather than a hindrance. Our children are preparing for exciting futures in careers we can’t yet imagine. In fact, my son had a job that didn't exist when he was in elementary school. Let's embrace what the future of education can be by embracing what technology can add. My wish is that our educators and students will be given the opportunities to build the future together.

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