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Speech Therapy App

May 18, 2017

Mobile Learning

Flipbooks for Speech Therapy

Speech FlipBook – Articulation & Apraxia is a professional speech therapy app designed for iOS by Tactus Therapy Solutions, which takes the little paper flipbooks that so many parents, teachers, and therapists have made and enhances them with benefits that are only available through technology. Users of the app can touch each of the 125 phonemes and clusters to hear them. They can play more than 2,300 single-syllable words in natural voice or select only the sounds they want to target in each position of the word, such as specific vowels. They can select the combination of word shapes they need (V, CV, VC, CVC) and, if they choose, limit combinations to only real words. Users can also record themselves and play back their speech for instant feedback and self-monitoring. The free version of the app has 16 sounds and 40 words, with the option to upgrade with in-app purchase. The full app, Speech FlipBook Standard, provides access to nearly every single-syllable word in the English language. Cost: Free for version with limited number of sounds and words; $7.99 for full version

Speech or Language Impairment Educational Technology

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