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Literacy Initiatives for Dyslexia

Oct 20, 2016 2016-10-20

Funding & Recognition

Funding for Literacy Initiatives Related to Dyslexia

The Dyslexia Services Foundation funds and fights dyslexia using a dual approach. The foundation works with qualified clinicians to provide research-based evaluation and treatment to low-income children with dyslexia at little or no cost to the children or their families. This involves selecting the children, selecting and compensating the clinicians, and paying for needed support materials. Selection of children is done in conjunction with schools and community groups, such as Boys and Girls Clubs, Rotary International, and Scottish Rite, and can happen anywhere in the United States where interest is indicated. Struggling readers are identified by teachers or healthcare providers, who contact the foundation for assistance. Financial need is then established using objective standards, such as the child’s qualification for free or reduced-price school lunch. When a child is identified and qualified for dyslexia services, the foundation works with the parent(s), community agencies, and professional associations to identify the most competitively priced and convenient qualified provider to provide a thorough language-literacy evaluation and research-based treatment. The Dyslexia Services Foundation also funds worthy projects that bring about public awareness of dyslexia. Such projects can be documentaries, events, and other activities that competently and accurately communicate with the US public about dyslexia. Projects are chosen based on their reach and cost effectiveness.

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