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Autism Games

May 18, 2017 2017-05-18

Digital Learning • Learning Support

Games for Children with Autism

Autism Games was developed in Australia through a collaboration among Swinburne University’s Multimedia Design Program, Bulleen Heights Specialist School, Swinburne Autism Bio-Research Initiative (SABRI), and the National eTherapy Centre (NeTC). The project assists children with moderate to severe autism to develop independent living skills. Created by more than 80 students, eight lecturers, and ten autism specialists, the project represents over 16,000 hours of research and development. Autism Games integrates two websites:, a site for parents and teachers that provides instructions for using the free games and indicates their purpose; and, the portal through which children can access the games, with parental controls to limit other computer and internet functions. Each game reinforces keywords, such as “special activity,” so that in-game learning can be transferred into real-world situations.

Autism Gamification/Game-Based Learning Educational Technology

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