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Flipgrid Social Emotional Learning Video Platform

Aug 23, 2018 2018-08-23

Mobile Learning

Platform That Gives Special Needs Students a Voice

Social learning can happen throughout the day with Flipgrid, the free video discussion platform for education designed to support social–emotional learning. Students simply speak while recording video of themselves in response to a teacher-led discussion prompt. With Flipgrid, students with special needs can have an equal voice without being concerned about making writing errors or being too self-conscious to speak in front of a group.

Flipgrid is available as both a web service and a free downloadable app for iOS and Android devices.

Apply in Your Special Needs Classroom
To use Flipgrid, you need to set up your own classroom “grid” community and invite students to participate using a unique grid URL. Start the conversation by prompting students with a curriculum-related thematic question and then ask them each to voice their opinion. Over time, you can add more controversial prompts, such as current events, hot topics, and personal learning. Students then record their verbal response on an electronic device. Those who struggle with writing will be able to participate as fully as their peers in the classroom.

Students can express their own opinions anywhere or anytime. Like all social media, everyone can share and see one another’s responses in real time, igniting personal interaction throughout the day. Learning doesn’t have to take place only in school; it can continue throughout students’ daily experiences.

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