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2019 International Literacy Association Conference

Mar 01, 2019 2019-03-01

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The International Literacy Association 2019 Conference

How can educators and administrators create the environment students need to reach their full potential in the classroom and throughout their lives? By infusing literacy in every aspect of education! The ILA 2019 Conference is your chance to learn how to create and grow a thriving culture of literacy in your school, district, and community—one that not only inspires and empowers students and teachers, but also sets them up for greater success. ILA 2019 offers two full days of professional learning on the topics you want, delivered in a variety of styles; two optional additional days of deep-dive learning into children’s literature and today’s hottest literacy topics; and a well-rounded program of research-based and peer-reviewed sessions to help you empower your students and create an inclusive learning community. Visit to register.

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