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Feb 15, 2017 2017-02-15

Funding & Recognition

3D Design Competition

The Extreme Redesign Challenge, sponsored by Stratasys, is an annual competition open to students worldwide. Students work alone or in a team to design an original piece of art, jewelry, or architecture, or to improve an existing design. Entries should be creative, mechanically sound, and realistically achievable. The competition has three categories, including two related to engineering—one for students in middle school and high school, and one for postsecondary students—and an art, jewelry, and architecture category for students at any grade level. Students should submit their designs in STL file format; they do not need access to a 3D printer to enter. Scholarships of $2,500 for a first-place winner and $1,000 each for second-place winners will be awarded. Instructors of first-place winners will receive a limited-time demo 3D printer for classroom use. Interested applicants will find this grant opportunity on GetEdFunding, a free database sponsored by CDW•G of thousands of funding opportunities for educators.

Deadline: March 9, 2017, for entries

Engineering Scholarships

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