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Oct 01, 2020 2020-10-01

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3D Geometry Tasks to Increase Spatial Awareness

VR Math, an interactive app from VR-AR Education for iOS and Android, helps educators teach and students understand 3D geometry, graphs, and vectors via virtual and augmented reality. The content is accessible using VR headsets or in 360-degree or AR mode on a touchscreen. The tasks—mostly geometry themed—challenge students to identify various properties, such as edges and vertices. VR helps them with their spatial awareness and understanding. The user can register as either a teacher or a student. After registering, the teacher creates a virtual classroom, adds tasks that students can work on in the classroom environment, and invites students to work on the tasks by sharing the class ID. The teacher can also highlight features within the app—for example, edges, vertices, faces, and parts of a solid—to help students visualize the content. Updates to the teacher option will include homework activities and statistics. Alternatively students have the option to register and choose the self-learning mode, which allows them to work at their own pace through randomized tasks offered within the app. More self-learning tasks will be added in updates. Cost: VR Math is a license-based service free for students; teachers need a subscription to use the app’s full potential.

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