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Virtual Tour of Egypt

Sep 05, 2018 2018-09-05

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3D Virtual Tour of Egypt’s Historical Sites

Describing Egypt offers visitors a growing bank of 360-degree virtual tours showcasing some of Egypt’s historical sites. The tours currently focus on the Ancient Egyptian Tombs of The 30 Dynasties reign, which spans across 3,000 years (2,859 years to be exact, from BCE 3200 to BCE 341). Students can visit locations from the three major kingdoms—the Old Kingdom (BCE 3200–BCE 2780) in Memphis (currently a suburb of Cairo), third to sixth dynasties; the Middle Kingdom (BCE 2134–BCE 1778) in Abydos (currently El Minya), eleventh and twelfth dynasties; and the New Kingdom (BCE 1570–BCE 1080) in Thebes (Luxor), eighteenth to twentieth dynasties. Each virtual tour has multiple locations. Within each location, focal points of interest are highlighted, allowing students to bring up additional information. Students will learn the stories from these locations—stories of their owners and their life and death—and they will follow the progression of art, culture, and architecture across Egypt’s long, rich, and diverse history.

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