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Nov 15, 2021 2021-11-15

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“STEM Journal” Student Challenge

Each month Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) holds competitions to encourage students and teachers to demonstrate their science excitement. Students can win prizes for sharing how they incorporate technology into their learning, and teachers can add to their classroom technology by creating lesson plans that engage students in STEM subjects.

In November 2021, ORISE is hosting the STEM Journal Student Challenge. Students in any schooling situation, including public, private, and homeschool, are eligible to enter the competition by observing the world around them and documenting their discoveries in a journal for five days in five different locations. Each journal entry should include something they noticed: if it is a problem, then they should propose a solution; if it is a phenomenon, then they should conduct research and explain it. They can draw what they noticed, tell something they learned about what they noticed, and pose a question they still have.

Projects will be evaluated based on a rubric posted on the challenge website. Twelve prizes will be awarded, with three winners per grade band: K–2 (Botley the Coding Robot), grades 3–5 (3D Pen and Filament), grades 6–8 (QIDI Tech 3D Printer and Filament), and grades 9–12 (Creality 3D Printer and Filament).

Deadlines: Monthly challenges. November 30, 2021, for STEM Journal Challenge; winning students will be announced in late December. Check the website for future monthly competitions.

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