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Apr 17, 2017

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American History Through Stories of Diversity

Teachers, students, and the general public can dive into the diversity of American history at, where they can listen to the voices of America, past and present. Through images, stories, biographies, essays, and editorials, OneHistory presents an American history that includes all of the participants from the myriad of cultures that have made America. Students who want to learn about some of the lesser-known (or even unknown) heroes of American history can visit the Stories page, or they can challenge their knowledge on the Multicultural Quizzes page. To understand the importance of accurate captions and exciting images for their presentations, students can delve into the Visual History pages. OneHistory provides annotated lists of some of the best of the web, including links to websites for Asian American history, African American history, and children’s history. OneHistory also includes a page with links to some of the best image sites on the web.

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