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Statue of Liberty Ellis Island

Jun 03, 2019 2019-06-03

Mobile Learning

App Exploring the Statue of Liberty in Augmented Reality

For more than a century, countless visitors have gazed up at the Statue of Liberty, but no one has ever seen her quite like she appears in the new free Statue of Liberty app, which brings her into the augmented-reality era. From anywhere in the world, the app’s users can look inside the statue, take in the view from beside the torch, and travel back in time to watch 200 years of New York City history unfold, right from the crown. The app’s “A Vision of Liberty” section is a rich historical archive that dives into the statue’s origin story. By tapping View in AR, users can fly up to the torch and float a few feet from the flame. Using their iPhone or iPad, they can spin around to see a 360-degree view of New York Harbor. The sky will even adjust to match the time of day where users are. To learn the intricacies of Lady Liberty’s architecture and design, users simply open “How Liberty Was Made” and then tap Time Machine. They will then see a model of the statue right in the room with them as she appeared in her original copper luster. (A time-lapse video illustrates how exposure to the elements resulted in her iconic green patina.) Users can then tap X-Ray, which reveals the “skeleton” of beams and bars within. The third section of the app—“Liberty and the People”—has stories of immigrants who passed through Ellis Island, along with tales of the indigenous residents of Bedloe’s Island. In this section, users will also find a time-lapse video, seen from the perspective of the crown, showing the rise of the Manhattan skyline over the past 200 years. A podcast series covers the past, present, and future of the statue. The app is designed to accompany the new Statue of Liberty Museum, which opened on May 16, 2019, and features exhibits such as a full-sized replica model of Liberty’s face and provides a chance to see the original torch.

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