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Apr 01, 2019 2019-04-01

Mobile Learning

App That Integrates Realistic, Animated 3D Objects into Videos

The Leo app for iOS and Android allows users to experience advanced augmented reality (AR) through realistic animated and 3D objects in the real world. Students’ phone camera becomes a portal and tool that allows them to augment their world through Leo. Students can customize any surrounding environment into their wildest dreams, expressing themselves in a new mixed-reality space, as well as sharing with family, friends, and other social outlets. When students open Leo, the app will immediately begin using their device’s camera and sensors to figure out where it can potentially place AR objects. From there, it’s just a matter of holding up the camera to the surroundings, tapping “Add,” and choosing an object from the menus on the bottom of the screen. Within seconds, students can send floating balloons over their school or bring a giant giraffe into the classroom. Leo offers more than a dozen categories of AR objects, including animals, statues, and dinosaurs. Students can also search for something specific—a kitten, for instance, or a mummy or rainbow. Once they’ve placed their AR object, students simply tap a button to start recording. When they’re done, they can save their work to their camera roll or share it right from the app itself. Leo also offers a social angle: after creating a profile, students can begin following other users, drawing inspiration from their work, and even tapping the mirror button on their videos to bring their AR objects into their own world. Cost: Free

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