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Jan 15, 2018 2018-01-15

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App to Amplify Coaching with Video

Coach’s Eye is an analysis tool for athletic coaches and their athletes to improve technique and physical performance. For example, the coach can record a pitcher’s release, track the ball in slow motion—including the moment it strikes the bat—and use the in-app tools to analyze body positions, diagram plays, and more. The Coach’s Eye video editor allows detailed visual feedback using analysis tools and playback ability. Users can record video in the app or import clips from a camera roll in slow motion, real time, and frame-by-frame scrubbing (precise rewind/fast-forward). They can find exact moments in a performance, tap “Analyze” to open a variety of analysis tools, and then tap “Record” to capture their analysis. They can layer drawings or text on the video, add voiceover commentary, and make side-by-side video comparisons. Then they can share the video with a YouTube URL via social media, text, or email. A product of TechSmith Corporation, the app is available for iOS and Android.

Costs: $120/year license fee for Coaches and Instructors (individual) Package, with a free 15-day trial. App is $4.99 for iOS, free for Android. Educators using iOS devices can purchase 20-plus licenses of Coach’s Eye at a 50 percent discount through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for Education.

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