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Apr 15, 2019 2019-04-15

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AR Coding Game for Designing, Personalizing, and Playing with Robots

Rox’s Secret Code: The AR Coding Game is an iOS app by Radseed that inspires children aged 5–8 to design robots and bring them to life in augmented reality by applying the basic principles of coding. Under the build mode, children can mix and match different heads, arms, torsos, and legs to create unique robots. They also have the option of naming their creation. In addition to designing and personalizing robots, children learn how code can be used to make the robot move. The coding skills in the learn mode are put into action in the play mode, where they drag the “move action” blocks, which include move, rotate, and grab, to the code line. Once they complete the code line, children can activate their robot and watch it follow their directions. Rox informs players when code is missing or when the “move action” block does not match the robot’s path toward the finish line. The game becomes a bit more challenging, prompting for more “move action” blocks, when children consistently code correctly. Players have the option of taking a picture of the game or a “selfie” with the robot they’ve designed by pressing the camera icon. The launch page presents the option of playing with the sound on or off and provides a link that connects players to the book Rox’s Secret Code. The picture book introduces children to the concept of coding, and the companion app turns inspiration into action. Children can play the game with or without the book. Costs: Free for app; $11.99 for the book, with the option for personalizing at $33.00 plus shipping

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