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Feb 01, 2017 2017-02-01

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Augmented Reality Statues

A collaboration between IBM and The New York Times, the T Brand Studio AR app for iOS and Android uses augmented reality (AR) to immerse users in history. The Outthink Hidden part of the app lets users visit 150 locations around the United States to discover AR statues of leaders in science and technology. Many locations feature an empty pedestal affixed with a QR code. When the app triggers that QR code, an AR statue appears, which can be moved 360 degrees. Each virtual statue will also offer access to biographical information, as well as images and audio content. Among the science and technology greats featured are Mary Walton (inventor and engineer), Bessie Blount Griffin (inventor), Mary Jackson (engineer and mathematician), Katherine Johnson (physicist), as well as six other historic figures. The app was inspired by the film Hidden Figures, which depicts the story of unheralded black women who worked for NASA during the early 1950s space race. In addition to highly trafficked locations such as New York City; Washington, DC; San Francisco; and Los Angeles, the AR statues will have QR code–emblazoned pedestals at the NASA Langley Research Center, Kennedy Space Center, Computer History Museum in San Francisco, and universities including Cornell, Princeton, University of Michigan, Northwestern, California Polytechnic State, North Carolina State, and Duke. In the following months, users will be able to access the statues from any location while using the app. Cost: Free

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