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Sep 01, 2020 2020-09-01

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Back-to-School Routines and Activities for Remote or Hybrid Environments

Facing History and Ourselves is providing a back-to-school resource collection to help teachers lay the foundation of community and care with their students for the school year ahead. The collection includes suggestions for Opening and Closing Routines that teachers can use in both face-to-face and remote environments, as well as activities designed for use in conjunction with the Opening and Closing Routines. The routines can be a key component of a safe and reflective classroom community, especially at a time when students’ lives and learning are being disrupted by public health crises, racial injustice and violence, social protest, and a continuously unpredictable news cycle. Setting aside five to ten minutes at the beginning and/or end of class to welcome students to the learning space, gauge their emotional wellbeing, and nurture community can help students experience school as a crucial part of their day that is predictable, meaningful, and supportive. The routines are also a key strategy for creating continuity and predictability as classes shift between face-to-face and remote settings, as they may throughout this school year. Activities for a Remote or Hybrid Start help reorient students to school, encourage them to get to know one another and build relationships, and create a classroom community. Each activity includes an “asynchronous extension” to help students apply key concepts to their own lives in meaningful and creative ways.

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