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Feb 01, 2018 2018-02-01

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Borderless Science Classroom

GlobalCOlab (GCL) connects students and educators from different cultures and religions from around the world to crosscut disciplines, curricula, and traditional subjects and empowers participants through student-led and student-created topics. These topics are based around global issues affecting each student’s community. GCL addresses these issues in a student-centered, individualized way. Students learn through world topics that they select. They then conduct research on the chosen world issue affecting their community, propose a lab activity or a solution to test, synthesize their idea by constructing in a lab-like atmosphere, publish their results, and then conduct peer review of each other’s work. During the GCL process, students also create their own global planned learning networks to share and conduct peer review in a safe environment. Through all of these components, GCL not only provides the conceptual shift called for in the Next Generation Science Standards but also reimagines the classroom into a borderless and subject-less world that allows students safe access to study topics and issues that they care about, making the curriculum both personalized and relevant.

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