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Bandimal engages students in learning musical composition through fun animations and game-based learning techniques.

Jun 01, 2018 2018-06-01

Mobile Learning

Cartoon Animals That Create Electronic Music

Bandimal is an electronic music creation app for iOS, developed by Yatatoy, in which children use cartoon animals as instruments. The app presents nine animals, each of which has its own range of electronic sounds, from low to high. Larger animals have lower voices, and smaller animals have higher voices. Children select up to three animals in a composition and set the number and range of notes for each. The app also has 12 percussion sounds to choose from. As children build their music creations, all the parts come together, and the animals comically move, dance, and change expressions along with the music. The app saves the compositions automatically, so young musicians can return to their creations to play or edit as often as they want. Cost: $3.99


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