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Programming Coding Game

Feb 15, 2017 2017-02-15

Mobile Learning

Coding Combat Game

Designed for iOS and Android, Kuato Studios’ Code Warriors: Hakitzu Battles is an epic multiplayer robot combat game, where students learn the basics of coding while battling in both single and multiplayer missions. Victory is in the code! The game helps students learn the basics of JavaScript. No previous coding knowledge is required as the game takes students from beginner to coder to warrior in both the single-player mode and on the battlefield. The more students code by hand, the more points they receive to unlock ultimate weapons for a battle royale in the gaming arena. Students hone their coding skills with 25 single-player challenges, easy-to-master interactive tutorials, and coding boot camp. Students play through different coding ranks sequentially—Beginner, Junior Coder, Coder, and Warrior—to become the ultimate robot battle champion. Cost: Free

Computer Science/Coding/Programming Gamification/Game-Based Learning Robots/Robotics

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