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May 15, 2020 2020-05-15

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Collection of Free Games for Learning at Home

Filament Games has curated several free learning games in multiple subjects, including life science, media literacy, and women in STEM. For example, the Oculus game Breaking Boundaries in Science is a virtual-reality celebration of some of history’s most renowned women in the STEM arena. It’s a virtual museum of sorts that faithfully recreates the real-life workspaces of famous figures such as Jane Goodall, Marie Curie, and Grace Hopper. The game immerses players in their lives and achievements via fully voice-acted vignettes steeped in historical context. Rigged, by Bellweather Education Partners, lets players step into the shoes of an underserved youth, making critical life decisions affecting relationships, academics, and responsibilities. Based on real-life stories and accounts, Rigged illustrates the many ways poverty can reinforce itself and affect the lives of underserved youth through decision-based gameplay where choices matter. Beats Empire, from Teachers College at Columbia University, is a turn-based strategy game that lets students run their own music studio and record label in a fictional city, reminiscent of New York. Through savvy analysis of market trends, players sign artists, record songs, attract new followers, and work toward domination of the top charts of music. Legends of Learning’s EcoKingdoms is a choose-your-own-adventure narrative journey in which players assume the role of a park ranger who must make key choices while balancing how each decision impacts the number of visitors in the park, as well as the plants, animals, and park funds.

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