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Aug 15, 2017 2017-08-15

Social Media

Community Inspiring Girls to Connect and Support One Another

The nonprofit Girl Nation (GN) is helping female students between the ages 8 and 15 to understand—and cope with—the potential downside of social media and technology. Through its workshops, the organization seeks to teach girls about Photoshopping, confronting “mean girls,” and developing healthy social media habits. The program offers a weekend half-day workshop or a six-week afterschool class designed to create a safe environment to help girls open up to one another. Topics covered in both classes include self-esteem; the pressure to fit in; girl–world relationships that teach conflict resolution, online drama, self-respect and self-worth; yoga and nutrition; acts of kindness; and community engagement. A Girl Nation Scholarship program is available to girls who want to attend a GN class but don’t have the financial means.

Social Media

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