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Apr 02, 2018 2018-04-02

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Community of Globally Aware Young People

Youngzine is a website where children can learn about current news and events shaping their world—in a simple, engaging, and interactive way. The goal is to help parents and educators create a vibrant community of globally aware young citizens in an increasingly connected world. Along with news stories written specifically with young audiences in mind, Youngzine strives to inform, using fun trivia, compelling visuals, and high-interest videos. More than a passive website, Youngzine is a community of children, parents, and teachers who recognize the importance of living in this highly interconnected age where actions have far-reaching impact. Children are encouraged to express their views and submit articles, book reviews, or travelogues. Youngzine’s editorial team moderates all content.

Plus: Youngzine’s classroom blog is a way for teachers to introduce current events in their classrooms. While it’s called a “blog,” the feature is really a controlled classroom environment where students can discuss or answer questions on an assignment the teacher creates. All responses will be visible to the teacher, who can choose whether students’ responses are visible to the entire class.

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