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Oct 01, 2020 2020-10-01

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Competition Challenging Students to Think Critically About National Issues

Are you looking for a project-based learning assignment for this unprecedented school year? C-SPAN’s StudentCam documentary competition challenges students in grades 6–12 to get creative and think critically about an issue of national importance. This year’s theme is “Explore the issue you most want the president and new Congress to address in 2021.” Students are asked to analyze the current and/or historical significance of their chosen issue and include differing viewpoints. Students may compete individually or in teams of two or three members. Their documentaries must include clips of supporting or opposing C-SPAN videos that relate to the chosen topic. Winning documentaries should thoroughly explore a variety of viewpoints related to the chosen topic, including those that may oppose the filmmakers’ viewpoints. Entries may be between five and six minutes in length. With cash prizes totally $100,000 each year, C-SPAN provides awards to the top 150 student documentarians, and more than 50 teacher advisers.

Deadlines: November 1, 2020—Entry Form opens to early submissions for any students who have finished their videos and are ready to enter their work for prize contention in the 2021 competition. All eligible entries for the 2021 competition must be uploaded and submitted by midnight (PT) on January 20, 2021.

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