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Aug 01, 2017 2017-08-01

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Competition for Future Innovator

MakeWonder hosts the annual Wonder League Robotics Competition, which brings together teams from around the world to solve coding challenges. During this competition, teams participate in three rounds of missions over a five-month period to become eligible for a Wonder Workshop–sponsored Invitational Round in the spring. Teams of youth aged 6–8 and 9–12 are asked to design solutions for real-world science and technology challenges by programming Dash and Dot, two programmable robots created by MakeWonder. By participating in the competition, students will develop problem-solving and creativity skills while building meaningful relationships with their peers. In addition, they will display their scientific thinking through authentic journaling. The grand prize includes a $5,000 STEM grant. Each member of a winning team will receive a Dash robot, national recognition, and a team certificate. Participation is free.

Deadlines: August 14, 2017, coach’s guide released; September 18, 2017, Mission One released; October 30, 2017, Mission Two released; January 1, 2018, Mission Three released; March 5, 2018, Invitational Round commences

Robots/Robotics Science STEM • STEAM • STREAM Computer Science/Coding/Programming Problem-based Learning

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