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Aug 01, 2018 2018-08-01

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Curriculum Encouraging Creative Expression

Everyone Can Create is a new curriculum from Apple Education that brings creative expression to every subject. Designed with the help of educators and creative professionals, the program teaches students to develop and communicate ideas through video, photography, music, and drawing. The curriculum also offers materials to help teachers infuse these skills into the subjects they teach every day. Students use free apps available on any iPad, taking advantage of the built-in camera, microphone, speakers, Multi-Touch display, and support for Apple Pencil. As they engage in the curriculum, students may want to use musical rhythm to make a math equation more memorable, produce a video to recreate a turning point in history, or illustrate a city’s changes in architecture over time. A teacher guide with supplementary instructional materials makes it easy to bring more forms of expression into any subject. The guide includes class activities that can be applied to any grade level, assessment tips, and sample student work to get students started. The Everyone Can Create student guide offers a step-by-step approach that teaches students the core skills and techniques of each creative discipline, using the free apps available on every iPad. The program will be available in the fall of 2018. Free sessions for teachers will take place every Tuesday at Apple Stores.

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