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Sep 01, 2017 2017-09-01

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Curriculum Presenting the Human Past As an Integrated Story

World History for Us All is an innovative model curriculum for teaching world history in middle school and high school. World History for Us All offers an abundance of free teaching units, lesson plans, and other resources that present the human past as a single story rather than as unconnected stories of many civilizations. The curriculum enables teachers to survey world history without excluding major peoples, regions, or time periods and draws on up-to-date historical research to help students understand the past by connecting specific subject matter to larger historical patterns. World History for Us All is a national collaboration of K–12 teachers, collegiate instructors, and educational technology specialists. It is a project of San Diego State University in cooperation with the National Center for History in the Schools at University of California, Los Angeles. World History for Us All is a continuing project. Elements under development will appear on the site in the coming months.

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