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Nov 16, 2015 2015-11-16

Mobile Learning

Design and Test Robots in Real-World Situations

Designed for the iPad and iPhone, Tinybop’s The Robot Factory app lets children create, test, and collect robots. They can build with exoskeletons, zephyr mechanisms, hydrostatic tentacles, machinos locomotors,G-Force mixers, and more. They can make any robot they can imagine—robot cats, robot samurais, robot spies—from 100 parts. They can record their own robot sounds and test their robots to see if they will walk, run, hop, dance, and fly. They can try out physics-driven robot parts in real-world situations and swap them out for different results. Each child can create and save their robots in their showroom and keep an eye on them, day or night. There are no in-app purchases or third-party advertising. The Robot Factory Technical Manual, in the app or on Tinybop’s website, provides a code of ethics and details about robot parts, gizmos, and tools. Cost: $3.99

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