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Aug 15, 2018 2018-08-15


Digital Playground Exploring Mathematical Thinking

Polyup is a free digital programming environment—designed for mathematics and computer science classrooms—which translates abstract mathematical concepts and exercises into physical form. The gamified environment uses the building blocks of mathematics as its syntax so that it is accessible for a wide array of K–12 students. Polyup introduces and reinforces a range of skills, including problem solving, order of operations, sequences and series of variables, functions, computational logic, and algorithms. The environment capitalizes on students’ emerging interest in “modding,” or modifying the software and hardware of products (such as video games, toys, and robots) to change their functionality—by connecting their computational thinking skills to real-world modding applications. The flexible platform provides a variety of activities and exercises varying in length—from five minutes to one hour—which can easily be incorporated into the classroom environment. Polyup is developed by a team of mathematics and informatics education researchers and physicists with significant input from math teachers.

Mathematics Computer Science/Coding/Programming Gamification/Game-Based Learning Computational Thinking 21st Century Themes

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