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Nov 01, 2018 2018-11-01

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Digital Project-based Social Studies Curriculum

Students of History offers a social studies curriculum that includes units with activities to help students in grades 7–10 understand key concepts in US history, world history, civics, and American government. The units are based on state and national social studies standards and include project-based learning (PBL), digital activities, primary sources, and more. Among the curricular resources are Digital Google Drive Notebooks, with links that send students to reliable online sources to learn about the content. Students can type directly on their pages, insert images, and drag and drop information for a variety of interactive activities. The curricula also include Interactive Notebooks, with graphic organizers, creative foldables, timelines, and more. In addition, each unit provides several primary source activities, secondary source readings, and worksheets for in-class activities or homework. The units also offer a variety of engaging projects in which students work together in groups or individually. These include history simulations and station activities to get students up and moving around the room. An in-depth Project-Based Learning packet includes everything teachers need to bring PBL assessments to any unit in their curriculum. Editable PowerPoints with Guided Notes are filled with images, and printable guided notes pages or graphic organizers help students to focus on key concepts. Teachers can sign up on the website to receive a free sample pack with more than 30 pages of resources.

Social Studies Project-based Learning

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