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Mar 01, 2019 2019-03-01


Educational Robot Fostering 21st Century Skills

Designed by Root Robotics, Root is a fun and easy-to-use educational robot that teaches coding, creativity, and problem-solving skills to students, from prereaders through high school. The robot bumps, hears, moves, draws, scans, climbs, reacts, and sees, helping students learn, play, and explore using their imagination. Students can code Root to draw whatever they can imagine, from words and letters to complex fractals. They can turn Root into an instrument by coding musical compositions. For example, using the scan and play capabilities, they can create a color guitar that plays different notes for each color it sees. Students can also build games using their imagination. They can race a friend by coding a Root racer, turning their tablet or phone into a controller and using Root’s color sensors to get boosts or slow down. They can use the magnetic attachment points on top of Root to attach their own 3D-printed creations and code Root’s marker holder to make their creations come to life. In addition to coding skills, Root fosters the development of 21st century skills (design thinking, computational thinking, logic/problem solving), and career readiness. The three levels in the Root Coding App (compatible with iPhone and iPad) afford accessibility and engagement at any grade level, K–12. The cost for one Root robot is $199; a Classroom Pack is available for $1,199. A downloadable curriculum guide is free with every Classroom Pack. The guide includes a series of scaffolded, interactive educational activities, which educators and learners can adapt to their needs. The entire guide contains 30 lessons and 22 projects, guiding learners to explore coding and robotics with Root. No prior coding experience is necessary.

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