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Apr 01, 2021 2021-04-01

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Essay Contest on the Relationship Between Equality and Justice

The Bill of Rights Institute is awarding $20,000 in scholarship prizes to 16 students in grades 8–12 (aged 14–19) who can explain, in 500 to 800 words, what they think the relationship is between Equality and Justice. To truly explore the question in the We the Students essay contest, students will need to go beyond “dictionary definitions” and express their understanding and reasoning about the connection between these two principles. This reasoning involves a combination of observation, experience, and “big ideas”: What does it take to understand these two principles? to build toward and maintain them? to see them with regard to each other? Why is this relationship important? Winning essays will convey how Equality and Justice are not just abstract ideas but are also part of the actions and choices of people every day. The first-place student will receive a $7,500 scholarship prize; five runners-up will each receive a $1,500 scholarship, and ten honorable mention winners will each receive a $500 scholarship.

Deadline: April 15, 2021, for submissions

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