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Sep 01, 2017 2017-09-01

Mobile Learning

Explorations of the Life of Plants

Students aged 9–11 can take on the role of a naturalist in NAMOO – Wonders of Plant Life, as they water roots, pollinate flowers, and “blow” carbon dioxide onto leaves. Designed by CRAYON BOX for iOS and Android, this life-of-plants app includes nine chapters of plant interactions, including roots, root tips, leaf anatomy, plant cells, photosynthesis, flowers and fruits, trunks, and stems. Each of these chapters is an interactive lesson in plant biology, allowing students to turn item labels off and on, zoom in, and change atmospheric aspects to spur the plant’s processes. Students tap and swipe to participate in the story of how flowers turn into fruit, how roots help plants grow, how roots absorb water, how leaves address photosynthesis and transpiration, how leaf structure varies, what the organelles in a plant cell do, what the rings in a tree trunk tell about a tree, and how water and nutrients travel through a stem. In each of these sections, students can change the environment by adding or removing water, pollen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, daylight, temperature, and more. Along with the text, each section includes original 3D illustrations that explain the vocabulary and processes in more detail. Costs: $3.99 on iOS; $1.99 on Android

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