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Mar 15, 2018 2018-03-15


Film Encouraging Girls to Pursue Careers in STEM

The Gender Chip Project offers both a documentary and companion materials to assist teachers, parents, and mentors who are encouraging girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The documentary reveals how women are finding new ways to honor their own growth, motivations, and experience as they imagine how to make the science and technology workplace a comfortable environment. Students can view clips of the documentary for free online; a DVD of the full film is available for K–12 schools and public libraries at a cost of $89. An accompanying curriculum for use in the classroom at grades 5–9, after school, and in professional development programs can be downloaded as a PDF. The Gender Chip Project has also aggregated resources that support the work of helping girls to be successful in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics career paths. These resources include books and articles, websites, and videos and games, specifically organized for teachers, mentors, and parents, and professional development organizations.

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