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Race to the White House

Mar 01, 2016 2016-03-01

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Follow the Race to the White House

Envision and Discovery Education have partnered to provide students and educators with tools to engage, captivate, and energize the youth voice on the importance of democracy and civic engagement throughout this year’s presidential election, leading up to the 2017 inauguration. The program, Chase the Race in School, complements Chase the Race 2016—Envision’s program that will give 12 high school students across the United States the opportunity to play an active role in the election process by serving as onsite reporters at a number of key political events. Key components of the partnership include Chase the Race classroom activities and interactive content; a series of video vignettes created by Discovery Education and hosted by Chase the Race 2016 reporters that will provide students and educators with a unique perspective on how the US election process works and complements the Chase the Race in School classroom activities; an interactive, in-person event in January 2017, hosted by Discovery Education at Envision’s Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit in Washington, DC, featuring a panel discussion from Chase the Race journalists and a keynote from Malala Yousafzai; a virtual, live-streamed “Town Hall” event hosted by Discovery Education during the Summit; and the use of Discovery Education curriculum to enhance Envision’s career exploration programs, particularly in the STEM fields.

Click Here to Visit “Chase the Race in School” Website

Click Here to Visit “Chase the Race 2016” Website

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