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Apr 01, 2021 2021-04-01

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Game Diving into the Deep Blue Sea

Inspired by the mystery of the BBC’s Blue Planet nature series and the real-world scientists who study the deep blue seas, Beyond Blue is a free Apple Arcade game featuring never-before-seen footage from BBC Studios. In this open-world adventure, players slip on the wetsuit of a marine researcher named Mirai as she swims with a myriad of ocean life—playful dolphins, skittish cephalopods—all rendered with breathtaking beauty and accuracy. Players first meet Mirai on the trail of a pod of sperm whales as she scans the deep for their signature clicking sounds. Each time they complete a mission using the expedition’s cutting-edge research technology, players will unlock one of the game’s 17 “Ocean Insightsvideos. These mini documentaries blend original Blue Planet footage and interviews with the scientists who helped create the game. Simultaneously players learn more about Mirai’s personal journey as a marine biologist. While creating the game, developer E-Line Ventures consulted a team of biologists—all of whom play a key role in this near-future underwater narrative. As they explore, players are supported by two scientists via radio. The personalities of these characters—and the challenges they face—are a composite of the scientists who were interviewed. The humpback whales and other animals depicted in the game were modeled using the upper end of the species’ size and weight ranges.

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