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Empathy Multiplayer Game

Jun 15, 2017

Mobile Learning

Game Fostering Creativity and Empathy on Real-World Issues

The online digital multiplayer game @Stake was created by Emerson College to foster empathy and creativity between diverse perspectives on real-world issues. @Stake is played with three to five players in the same room. After introducing their individual characters’ perspectives, players jump into brainstorming mode to think of solutions to public issues. They then take turns proposing their ideas and arguing their points of view to the group’s Decider. The group debates to reach a solution that is best for all through intense deliberation. The best ideas that emerge from the deliberations win. Whether playing the role of a recent immigrant, a staff member in the mayor’s office, or a small business owner, players gain a deeper understanding of diverse community needs by considering different perspectives. The game can be played in a web browser or on an iOS mobile device. Cost: Free

Gamification/Game-Based Learning Cultural Awareness Civic Literacy Problem-based Learning

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