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American Government Game

Feb 15, 2018 2018-02-15

Mobile Learning

Game Teaching Basic Tenets of American Government

The Center on Representative Government at Indiana University has launched Engaging Congress, an interactive game that uses primary source documents to explore the workings of American government and the challenges it faces in contemporary society. The app-based game is available to middle school and high school government, history, language arts, and social studies programs as an engaging tool for teaching the basic tenets of representative government, using documents and materials from the Library of Congress and other sources. The game features five thematic stories: “Fair Is Not Always Equal,” about federalism; “Laws and Sausages,” about legislation; “Vote Early, Vote Often,” about voting rights and elections; “A Balancing Act,” about the federal budget; and “More Equal than Others,” about money and influence in politics. Animated videos introduce the stories, leading to student activities. The activities focus on primary sources such as the Constitution and Supreme Court decisions, as well as archival photographs, newspapers, illustrations, and political cartoons. A Teacher Toolbox provides learning materials linked to national standards for social studies, history, English/language arts, and civics. Engaging Congress is available as a free download for iOS or Android mobile devices, or students can play on the web with WebGL. Cost: Free

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