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Fake News Journalism

Aug 15, 2017

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Game Testing Fake News Judgment

A free browser-based game called Factitious helps middle school and high school students distinguish between fake news and real journalism. Players indicate if they think an article is fake, or if they believe it is real. Factitious then provides immediate feedback: whether the response is correct or incorrect, whether the article cites sources that can be checked, and whether the story includes direct quotes from credible sources. If a player is stumped, the game offers a clue. For example, the player can click or tap to reveal the article’s source. Educators can adapt Factitious to their needs; it’s open source. Teachers can ask students to select news stories to input into the game as a way to challenge their classmates. The game also offers a way for players to suggest content they think should be included. The Factitious game was designed by American University’s GameLab in collaboration with the university’s School of Communication.

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