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Mar 15, 2018 2018-03-15

Mobile Learning

Game to “Vaccinate” Students Against Disinformation

Researchers have developed an online game to “vaccinate” people against fake news—by showing them how to become a fake news mogul. In the game, called Bad News, players use misleading tactics to build their own fake news empire. The game is free to play in any browser and on any device and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Players start as anonymous Twitter users who go professional by starting their own news site, and gradually become a fake news tycoon. On the way, players learn how the techniques of disinformation can be used to suit a purpose. The game was developed by DROG, a Dutch organization working against the spread of disinformation, in collaboration with researchers at the Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

Gamification/Game-Based Learning Civic Literacy Social Media Journalism

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