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Oct 01, 2015 2015-10-01

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Get Ready for the SAT

The nonprofit Let’s Get Ready provides low-income and underserved high school students with free SAT preparation, admissions counseling, and other support services needed to gain admission to and graduate from college. Let’s Get Ready programs run in the fall, spring, and summer. Each program is approximately nine weeks and meets for three hours at least twice a week. The core program includes 30 hours of intensive instruction on the foundational math and critical reading and writing skills that the SAT covers and that are necessary for success in college. The program provides two diagnostic SAT tests, which students can take for practice and teachers can use to gauge student progress, along with 15 hours of comprehensive information and guidance regarding college selection and visits, applications, financial aid, and scholarships. The classes are small (approximately five students per coach) and are led by college student coaches who mentor and inspire the high school students. Let’s Get Ready also offers Enrichment Workshops (College Application Completion Day, Career Day, and others) and ongoing support throughout the year, as well as additional college success support into and through college.

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