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Aug 15, 2018 2018-08-15

Professional Growth

Global Connections for Developing Global Competence

The Global Schools Network (GSN), powered by the Partnership for 21st Century Schools (P21), officially launched on July 30, 2018. Schools from around the world may apply to join this global network focused on global competence, global awareness, linguistic competence, and a curriculum enriched by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. P21 has seeded the launch with notable global schools in China, the Philippines, Denmark, Colombia, as well in the United States. This first cohort will serve as mentor schools for the other schools that apply and meet the criteria. A school does not have to be a perfect model of global education to join the network. P21 offers a free preassessment that will provide a reasonable indication that a school has the programs and practices in place to meet the acceptance criteria. To proceed with the full application, the school must submit evidence that it has a vibrant global education program engaging all of its teachers and students. A steering committee and advisory committee comprised of some of the leading global education specialists in the world will evaluate the applications and use the data and evidence submitted to place the school at one of three levels: Developing, Sustaining, and Mentoring.

Deadlines: Application window open year-round to accommodate schools in different countries that follow a different school calendar. Applications reviewed four times per year (September, December, March, June); new cohorts announced the following month.

Plus: A GSN members-only professional development portal will launch in September 2018. The portal will feature weekly Twitter chats and discussion boards on specialized global education topics. GSN will also offer online modules that result in badges and microcredentials. The content, which at present is targeted exclusively at teachers and school leaders, will be a mix of both free and paid professional learning. The focus will be on both skill building and knowledge building.

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