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A Math Trail Gives Students Insight into How Math Is Used in the Real World

May 01, 2018 2018-05-01

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Guide to Blazing a Math Trail

A mathematics trail is a walk to discover mathematics. A math trail can be almost anywhere—a neighborhood, a business district or shopping mall, a park, a zoo, a library, even a government building. A free downloadable guide from The Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications reviews the history of math trails and discusses their attributes, including the practical issues of organization and logistics in setting up and maintaining a math trail. The guide also discusses the mathematical issues in choosing and describing math problems and tasks along a trail and describes a variety of examples. The math trail guide points to places where walkers can formulate, discuss, and solve interesting math problems. Math trails offer opportunities of making and using connections among mathematical ideas, recognizing and applying mathematics in contexts outside of math class, communicating mathematical thinking to others clearly, and analyzing and evaluating the mathematical thinking and strategies of others.


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