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Feb 17, 2020 2020-02-17

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Guide to Help Librarians Curate Open Source Resources

The nonprofit Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) has created and shared an open-source guide for school librarians engaged in curating open educational resources. Drawing lessons from school districts and libraries, ISKME developed the free guidebook to help school librarians and district officials develop a coherent roadmap for OER curation and implementation. School Librarians as OER Curators: A Framework to Guide Practice is the result of a two-year research study supported by the Institute of Museum and Libraries Services and in partnership with Florida State University iSchool, library education experts, and 50 school librarians across five states (California, Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Washington). Building on the research results, ISKME also contributed a chapter, entitled “Librarians as Leaders of Open Educational Practice,” to the Association of College and Research Libraries book Applying Library Values to Emerging Technology, which is available as an open-access edition. In addition, ISKME, in partnership with the Internet Archive, has announced a prototype of the Universal School Library (USL) to offer equitable access to high-quality reading for young learners. The USL is being designed as a collection of 15,000 digitized books to be made available through Controlled Digital Lending to schools across the United States, particularly in traditionally underserved areas.

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