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Apr 15, 2020 2020-04-15

Mobile Learning

Human Anatomy Lesson for Children in Augmented Reality

Finding an age-appropriate resource to explore the human body can be challenging, especially when the learning is in 3D. The MERGE Mr. Body anatomy experience is well suited to young students as they rotate the cartoon character while examining and interacting with specific body systems and parts, such as the heart, lung, liver, and brain. Students explore and interact with the human anatomy using the free iOS app and MERGE Cube, a soft block that interacts with augmented reality apps. Students then explain their understanding by sharing the screen and their voice using the Record feature within the app. The Stamping feature gets students up and moving around the animated 3D objects and still provides the same interactions without the cube in view. Teachers will find a free lesson plan for Mr. Body on the MERGE website. The MERGE Explorer app offers many other content cards that read content in multiple languages, colors, fonts, and sizes using Microsoft’s Immersive Reader integration.

Plus: For teachers who do not have a MERGE Cube and want to view some of the experiences, MERGE Labs created a printable sheet to test the app experiences. Teachers are entitled to create and use a single personal copy for educational use in connection with MERGE Software Application.

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