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Aug 03, 2020 2020-08-03

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Illustrated Book Exploring Children’s Questions About COVID-19

Devon Scott and Samantha Harris, two class of 2021 medical students in Southern California, have created a book, entitled Why We Stay Home, to help children understand why their worlds have changed dramatically in the last few months and why it has been important to stay home during that time. The illustrated story explores questions about the coronavirus pandemic with sisters Millie and Suzie. The book helps children understand the coronavirus pandemic by discussing germs and concepts such as quarantine and social distancing, as well as how staying at home—even if they miss their friends—can help people who have “a hard time fighting off germs,” such as grandma and grandpa. Samantha and Devon knew cost could be a barrier for some families, so they published this freely downloadable resource on a website. The authors are currently working on translating the book into six languages, including American Sign Language.

Plus: Samantha and Devon have continued Millie and Suzie’s learning experiences in a second freely downloadable book, What Happens When You Break a Bone? In this book, Suzie falls off her bike and is afraid she’s broken a bone. Her father comes to her rescue and provides a quick lesson on bones, muscles, and what he does as an orthopedic surgeon.

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