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Virtual reality/360° film Sanctuaries of Silence by the Global Oneness Project showcases nature and wildlife through immersive technology.

Jun 01, 2018 2018-06-01

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Immersive Journey As a Gateway to Deep Listening

The virtual reality/360 film Sanctuaries of Silence from Global Oneness Project takes students on a journey with acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton in the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park in Washington State, one of the quietest places in North America. In the film, Hempton says, “Silence isn’t the absence of something but the presence of everything.” This statement gets to the heart of the film. Hempton not only guides students through one of the most ecologically diverse environments in the United States with little noise pollution but also provides perceptions to take them to a place within themselves, where silence acts as a gateway to deep listening.

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