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Domestic Violence

Dec 01, 2017 2017-12-01

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Initiative to Build Healthy Teen Relationships

An initiative of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Discovery Education, Take a Stand for Healthy Relationships teaches middle school students how to build healthy relationships, reject abuse, and safely ally for themselves or others who may be experiencing abuse. The initiative’s website, Teens4HealthyRelationships, provides educators of grades 6–8 with resources, including a standards-aligned curriculum, to encourage students to exercise skills in communication and self-awareness. Immersive program tools, including self-paced modules and lesson plans, teach students how to recognize healthy qualities and behaviors in relationships. Available at no cost to classrooms nationwide, Take a Stand for Healthy Relationships encourages students to examine emotional intelligence and external influencers, and suggests ways to identify unsafe situations. Through these activities, students explore how to effectively and carefully advocate for themselves and others. They can also access strategies for how and where to get help if they are in, or witness, an abusive relationship.

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