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Inquiry-Based Science Helps Students Develop English Language Skills

May 01, 2018 2018-05-01

Professional Growth

Inquiry-based Approaches to Science Teaching

The Institute for Inquiry (IFI) is a professional development program provided by the Exploratorium in San Francisco. IFI has created an online curriculum for professional developers that addresses the theory and practice of inquiry-based science education. These curriculum guides are used by professional developers to give workshops that introduce elementary school teachers to inquiry-based approaches to science teaching. The guides include materials lists, step-by-step directions, scripts and prompts, and facilitation hints, along with charts and handouts. To date, more than 10,000 educators worldwide have downloaded the curriculum.

Plus: Research points to powerful connections between science learning and the processes of language acquisition. Instructional strategies that integrate the two have the potential to greatly reinforce both, improving the achievement of both English language learners and native English speakers. IFI has crafted the Educators Guide for Inquiry-based Science and English Language Development, which offers a snapshot of what the integration of science and English language development looks like in classrooms and professional development settings. The guide provides ideas and strategies that serve as a resource for teachers, teacher educators, professional development providers, district leaders, and researchers interested in the integration of science and language development.

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